Second  Amendment Lawyers in New Jersey

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution assures us that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. The United States Supreme Court confirms that this is an individual right. And the United States Supreme Court has stated very clearly that the Second Amendment is binding upon the States.

“The States” (when last we looked) includes New Jersey. Unfortunately, New Jersey has not gotten the memo. The New Jersey Legislature and New Jersey State Police throw obstacle after obstacle in the way of citizens seeking to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms. Its most recent mischief is lawless legislation that grotesquely violates the United States Supreme Court Bruen decision. Fortunately, citizens who are determined to exercise their Second Amendment rights have recourse. That recourse is to the courts--both to federal courts, and even to the courts of New Jersey.

Second Amendment Lawyers in New JerseyExercising gun rights in New Jersey is often difficult. Many barriers exist. The New Jersey State Police, New Jersey local police, and the New Jersey judiciary all service these barriers. They scrutinize past interactions with law enforcement personnel. They look with a jaundiced eye upon observation or treatment by mental health professionals. Commitment to a mental health facility even more so. In the majority of situations, all of these obstacles can be overcome. Overcoming these obstacles, however, is often costly, and seldom quick.

This is the web site of New Jersey Gun Lawyer Allan Marain. This site discusses gun issues unique to persons in New Jersey. A page on this site discusses obtaining and keeping the New Jersey Firearms Indentification Card (FID), sometimes referred to the Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (FPID). Another page discusses how domestic violence restraining orders affect Second Amendment rights. Still another page discusses how commitments to a mental health facility affect right to own and possess guns in New Jersey. And the site discusses Mr. Marain's personal commitment to the principles of the Second Amendment.

Gun lawyer Allan Marain protects citizens' right to bear arms. Centrally located in downtown New Brunswick, Mr. Marain is available to appear in state and federal courts throughout New Jersey, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, in Philadelphia, and the United States Supreme Court, in Washington. He would welcome the opportunity to help preserve your firearms- and weapons related rights in New Jersey courts, federal court, and administratively.

Second Amendment Lawyers in New JerseyNew Jersey Gun Lawyer Allan Marain would welcome the opportunity to assist persons having gun-related legal issues. The privacy of internet communications with him is protected using the https protocol. Sensitive documents can be further protected with the Adobe Acrobat password feature. Military-grade PGP protection is also available for clients and prospective clients with compatible software.

He can help.

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