Every mass shooting produces the inevitable hue and cry for “common sense” gun laws. The August 2019 shootings in El Peso, Texas and in Dayton, Ohio were no exception. But what requires “common sense” analysis are these hues and cries.

For starters, over the years, more and more and more laws have been passed that made it more difficult for law abiding individuals to obtain firearms. What have those laws done to make us safer? What did those laws do to make Lauren Kanarek safer? Now commentators and demagogic politicians so predictably cry for even more restrictive legislation. Yet virtually every new proposed restriction would not have kept the mass shooters from legally obtaining firearms. These proposals are nothing more than “feel good” legislation. They keep law abiding persons unarmed. They make shooters' victims easy prey.


A teenager left his driver permit in jeans that went through the washing machine. For four months, he and his mother attempted to obtain from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission a replacement permit. They were stonewalled. Then, on April 20, 2016, mom called in to Governor Christie on the “Ask the Governor” show, on New Jersey 101.5. Governor Christie said he would meet the frustrated teen and mom the next day at the South Plainfield Motor Vehicle Commission building. He did exactly that. Within four minutes on April 21, the teen had his replacement permit.

Mr. Governor, can you be of similar assistance for the thousands of law abiding New Jersey citizens thwarted and stonewalled regularly as they seek to exercise their Second Amendment rights? Ability to drive is a privilege. Constantly we're told that. But gun ownership is not a privilege; it is a right. The United States Constitution says so. Gun lawyers in New Jersey Second Amendment Lawyers in New JerseySo does the United States Supreme Court.

Mr. Governor, what will it take for you to use the power of your Office to allow our citizens to enjoy that right?

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